This website was originally intended to be a “shop window” for my editorial business and to reflect on my history of astronomy studies, but for several months has been mostly concerned with being a blog about being an adult-female autism diagnosis seeker and everything that entails. I have a significant number of North American readers who don’t comment, but do read, so I shall keep that content indefinitely and you can find it under the Autism Blog link. I feel that I’ve kind of bared my soul enough for the time being though, so new posts will appear on a very irregular basis.

I’ve decided to no longer work in publishing. I’ve been progressively reducing my client list, restricting it to only the nicest, kindest ones. And thanks to increasing workloads with the Open University, the time available to take on editorial work has been progressively reduced also. To the point that from November 2022 I will be completely unavailable for any editorial work.

As far as this website goes, I have decided to focus for a while on the main blog and write about the history of astronomy.