Let’s play spot the Aspie

Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge none of the people discussed in the article described are autistic or neurodiverse. That said their impressive attention to detail, commitment to research and obsessiveness are commonly found in autistic people. Also trains!

My husband said I *had* to read the Guardian’s article ‘I’m proud to be called a nerd!’ The pop and rock greats who love model railways as I’m currently building a model railway myself. It’s a dual gauge OO and OO9 steampunk canalside shunting layout with some complicated pointwork and a lot of inset track. It’s still at the wiring up stage so there isn’t anything pretty to show for it yet. He bought me track for my birthday and pewter figures for Valentine’s day.

Anyway it’s an awesome article, although my husband was surprised by how much I already knew about famous modellers.

DH: “I didn’t know Jools Holland modelled.”

Me: “Oh yes, he has a lovely model in his loft, I’ve seen it.”

DH: “And Eddie Izzard?”

Me: “Oh yes, that’s a wartime winter one, I love that one.”

DH: “How do you know all this?”

Me: “I’m autistic. Also you regularly buy me Railway Modeller at Christmas. Also YouTube.”

Finally, I simply must add another train song that was sadly overlooked in the article. An a-ha track about a man travelling home to a significant other via freight train (presumably hitchhiking). There’s a rhythm running all the way through that sounds just like a train passing over tracks.

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