It’s official

My daughter has autism. It’s basically an open and shut case.

They knew she was at the end of the screening assessment. Everything else was just confirmation.

I may have had a good cry when they sent me the full diagnosis yesterday. I’m so relieved. I was worried that they’d say something along the lines of she’s struggling and she has lots of autistic traits but she doesn’t quite meet the threshold, so nah. Good luck with all that anxiety and depression, maybe she could have a go at trying harder?

At the end of the child development assessment that I had one-to-one with the psychologist about my daughter he asked if I was mentally scoring myself as well and that it would save me the fee of a private assessment for myself – there’s even a few lines in the 64-page report that mention that I am likely autistic too. It turns out that all her childhood behaviours were obvious signs – even from babyhood. And I was exactly the same, in some cases more so.

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