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Hi! I’m Kate and I’m an astrophysics editor and tutor

I have degrees in physics and astronomy and have worked in book publishing on and off for over 20 years. You can see some of my recent book projects under the Portfolio section.

Last year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I started a teacher training course. I learnt a lot – not least that both my teenage daughter and I have high levels of autistic traits and we are now awaiting formal diagnoses. With hindsight, having such strong attention to detail that I am actually able to make a living from it should have been a huge giveaway. Needless to say, while I still like children, managing a classroom of 30 of them and trying to teach them is more stress than I can cope with, meaning I haven’t completed the course.

My teaching experience hasn’t been a waste though, I am now working as a part-time tutor on The Open University module SM123 Physics and Space.

In the blog section I share some of my observations of my autistic traits because hearing autistic women’s view of the world was what finally set off the lightbulb in my head that I might not be neurotypical after all. Because it turns out that you don’t have to be Rain Man or a physics god like Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory to be autistic. Who knew? Not me obviously.

What I Do

Online Tutoring


Editing / Proofreading

Instructional Design

Relevant Career and Education

Associate Lecturer at The Open University
(2021 – )
I am the online tutor for a group of students on SM123 Physics and Space.

Freelance Editor
(2010 – )
I work for several well-known university presses and trade publishers.

Associate Teacher at GUTP
(2020 – 2021)
I taught GCSE and A level Physics both online and in-class during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Astronomy MSc at Swinburne University, Australia
(2015 – 2019)
This course is offered on an entirely distance-learning basis, a format with which I thrived and I graduated with straight distinctions in all my units. I proposed my own project for my master’s project and it was later published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Technical Editor at Wrox Press, Birmingham
(1997 – 2001)
As a technical editor I was responsible for checking the code and ensuring that the explanations were at the correct level to allow readers to learn effectively in my subject areas of Visual Basic and databases.

Physics BSc at Imperial College London
(1994 – 1997)
This course was so long ago the only reason I remember as much as I do is because I’ve been editing university physics textbooks since 2010.