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  • Bullying, telling the truth and birds of a feather

    I was going to just blog about bullying, but then I realised that I would inevitably touch on a couple of other areas so this is a three part blog post. Bullying While anyone can be on the receiving end of bullying behaviour, studies show that autistic students are 63% more likely to be bullied […]

  • I need to go and have a lie down now…

    This is an expression I’ve heard a lot in recent years. I don’t know if allistics think it’s a figurative expression and that those who say it are exaggerating for effect, but I use it literally. When I come home from some social event I lie down for a good hour, when my relatives or […]

  • Where are all the autistic academics? Part 2

    In summary: No one knows! You have high-levels of self-disclosure of disability (including autism) among students both under- and post-graduate. And then the numbers of autists fall off the cliff when you look at academics. Did they figure they didn’t fit in and leave? Did they get pushed out? Did universities object to their lack […]

  • Where are all the autistic academics?

    I had an email this morning about my HESA details. In the UK the Higher Education Statistics Agency collect details from all the universities. I’d filled in my form before about my sexual orientation, my religious beliefs, the colour of my skin, yadda, yadda. But I’d gotten it wrong. You see I don’t see myself […]

  • Living stones and aliens – or – being a Christian with autistic traits

    I am a Christian. I grew up in a non-religious home but became a Christian at 25-26. I don’t recall a particular date that I can look back on and say “Yes, that’s the day of my conversion because I said the sinner’s prayer/asked Jesus into my heart/was baptised in the Holy Spirit”. It all […]

  • Driving

    One of the enormous benefits of being on the waiting list for an autism assessment is that everyone has stopped nagging me about driving. I learnt to drive at 17 in a little manual-gearbox Vauxhall Nova – a fairly standard experience for British teenagers. What wasn’t typical was how many lessons I needed to learn. […]

  • Work

    Autistic people have a shockingly low rate of employment. Recent UK statistics from no less a source than the British government report that only 22% of British autistics have any kind of employment. Other research suggests that as few as 16% of autistic people are in full-time employment – and I’m not one of them. […]

  • University

    This post comes with a trigger warning for discussion of suicidal ideation. I’ve mentioned my mental health issues during university, including self-harming and a suicide attempt elsewhere so I won’t repeat them here. Instead I’m going to talk about my other difficulties at university and the problems the higher education system has with dealing with […]

  • It was my jeans that made me do it…

    No, autism isn’t caused by the MMR or any other vaccine. Despite many (neurotypical) parents noticing changes to their autistic children’s expected behaviour paths at around 12-15 months – exactly the time that they receive their MMR. In fact, current studies suggest between 61-91% heritability and therefore a very strong genetic component. My mother has […]

  • Sensitivities

    The following are all sensitivities that I noticed and attempted to mitigate before I realised I had high levels of autistic traits: Light: I wear dark sunglasses from May to September as bright sunlight has always triggered headaches. Sound: I wear special swimmers’ earplugs while showering otherwise I get terrible headaches. I always listen to […]