Category: Autism

  • We need to talk about Morten Harket

    One of my many annoying habits is asking my husband if he still loves me or does he want to throw me away yet. I’d always assumed it was just because I’m massively insecure and needy (and indeed I may well be), but sometimes it borders on being mindless repetition, almost like a verbal tic […]

  • Mental health

    I’ve just left a Zoom conference on Student Mental Health. It was all too triggering for me. I can’t deal with people making dumb allegations about ‘student experience’ that bear no relation to my lived reality. So I’m going to overshare and vent and get it all out here. Buckle up. This post comes with […]

  • Meltdowns

    When I told my husband I thought I might be autistic at the start of 2021 he told me to not be so ridiculous because I couldn’t possibly be autistic because I had plenty of empathy. (Don’t worry, we will get to this lack of public understanding about the differences between sociopathic narcissism and autism […]

  • Your wife is posh isn’t she?

    Apparently nobody likes the way their voice sounds. But there’s another reason I always cringe on hearing my voice and like to claim I have a voice for print. My accent is terribly posh. So much so that’s often remarked upon by others. And sadly, I don’t have the background to justify it so I […]

  • Reading, GPA and hyperlexia

    One of the traits associated with autism is a tendency to take things that other people say literally, which leads to much confusion, embarrassment and humiliation. Hence most of my teachers thought me a dunce for not deducing their implicit but unspoken communication, although at least not all of them thought me wilfully disobedient for […]

  • Autism and Special Interests

    I don’t have a diagnosis yet – the area I live in had a 2-year waiting list before the Covid pandemic, so it will be much longer currently. That said I have an Autism Quotient-50 (AQ-50) score that puts me well into the “has significant levels of autistic traits” range and I have passed all […]