Stars: a Practical Guide to the Key Constellations was a lovely ‘proofreading’ project. I’m using scare quotes as typically proofreading involves my having to do little to no briefing of the graphics artist. When I was brought on to the project, although the text of the accompanying book was in the final form, the images and pin-hole pricked cards were still very much a work-in-progress. I always worry with projects like these as there is no one coming behind me to correct the artist if s/he has misunderstood my instructions. I try to be as explicit as possible, but we are all just human and fallible.

It does have an overall five-star review on Amazon, though. Phew!

Please be aware, I am an affiliate so if you buy it or anything else I will receive a payment – of a couple of pennies. However, Stars is available from all fine purveyors of books, including WH Smith.

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